ReSolve Project

ReSolve Project

The ReSolve project is a regional collaboration project between three university organizations and three municipalities in Uppsala. This initial project was also funded by Vinnova, the Swedish Governmental Agency for Innovation Systems whose mission is to promote sustainable growth by improving the conditions for innovations, as well as funding needs-driven research. This project focused on three specific questions.

What are the main regional and local challenges that Uppsala faces?
What kind of difficulties do municipalities confront when they work with sustainability?
Which areas need further innovation?

In order to answer these questions, CSD Uppsala, the Entrepreneurship Lab and Uppsala University Innovation worked together from January to October 2014 and followed the first two processes in the ReSolve process. The project had about 30 participants from three local municipalities and included politicians, environmental strategists, practitioners and officials from local companies and organizations etc. They provided rich and diverse perspectives regarding local challenges through interviews and discussions.

ReSolve Project Innova Report Cover
ReSolve Project Report – 2014

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