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ReSolve Innovation Competition is going to present our project on Baltic Flow Workshop ( Water and society in the Baltic Region: debates on storm water management and diffuse load monitoring )

Date: 2nd December, 2015

Time: From 09:30 to 17:00

Place: Main University building, Biskopsgatan 3, Uppsala, Sweden

This workshop is free of charge,  please apply online before 20th November 2015 at : . More information of the Baltic Flow, please visit: or contact:

The purpose of the innovation competition (2015) is to develop innovative solutions to address the Storm Water Challenge faced by Uppsala municipality and is achieved by following the first four steps of the ReSolve Process. The challenge has been identified in a feasibility study, entitled ReSolve. The lessons emerging out of the process design and implementation of the innovation competition will also be used to develop a framework that can be used by other institutions in different contexts to support the process design of future innovation competitions within the realm of sustainable development.

ReSolve Innovation Competition Report 2015
ReSolve Innovation Competition Report 2015

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Hence this project will also contribute to long-term sustainable development by encouraging collaborative and innovative approaches towards sustainability challenges. The project is funded by Vinnova, the Swedish Governmental Agency for Innovation Systems whose mission is to promote sustainable growth by improving the conditions for innovations, as well as funding needs-driven research.

The project is coordinated by the Centre for Sustainable Development (CSD) at Uppsala University and Swedish University of Agricultural Science between October 2014 to August 2015. Main partners of this project include Uppsala Municipality, Uppsala Vatten and seven cooperated companies who have agreed to participate in the competition by teaming up with students.

ReSolve Innovation Competition General Timeline 2015
General Timeline for Innovation Competition ( March 2015 – September 2015)




More about Innovation Competition

Our winning team will earn the opportunity to develop and implement their solution with Uppsala Kommun (Uppsala municipality) and Uppsala Vatten (Uppsala water). They will also win a trip to Sardinia, Italy, to participate in the final governance learning event of the CADWAGO (Climate Adaptation and Water Governance) project. More information about the project is available on:

Key Question: “Help us to find new methods for purifying the water from Tycho Hydéns väg in order to decrease the environmental impact on Fyriså river.”

Challenge: Develop innovative solutions to address the Storm Water Challenge (Dagvatten) locally in Uppsala.

Problem Site: Tycho Hydéns Väg, Uppsala, Sweden (Open street view in Google Map)

Competition Application. More information of the innovation competition, please read the ReSolve Innovation Competition Guide. The application form can download from RESOURCES.

Official Language: English

Deadline for Submit the Team Formation: no more later than 23:59 pm 7th Apr 2015.

Contact Email:

ReSolve Innovation Competition Guide Cover 2015
ReSolve Innovation Competition Guide – 2015  View Full Version




Important Events

ReSolve Innovation Competition Winner Ceremony

Date: 17th Sep, 2015

Place: SALD, UKK (Uppsala Koncert and Kongress)

Time: 13:00 – 15:30


Speed Dating Workshop

Date: 20th Maj, 2015

Speed dating workshop will give a challenge mission to our student groups of ReSolve Innovation Competition. The speed dating workshop is going to provide a onetime opportunity for students to have an open talk to our local stakeholders of ReSolve and exchange ideas to each other. Moe information about the Speed Dating Workshop is available on:

CADWAGO (Climate Adaptation and Water Governance) has worked together with the ReSolve team to design the  speed dating workshop in which the teams meet with different stakeholders and are presented with some of the CADWAGO insights. More information about the CADWAGO is available on:


ONEDAY Lecture of Stormwater / Dagvatten

Date: 26th Mar, 2015

The main lectures are part of the important activities of the ReSolve Innovation Competition. Professors and experts from CSD Uppsala, Uppsala Kommun and Uppsala Vatten are going to give awesome presentations about Stromwater from International perspective and what is the Stromwater problem locally in Uppsala.

All the lectures and  information of ONEDAY Lecture are shared on:

ReSolve Innovation Competition Poster 2015

Innovation Competition Poster – 2015




Jury of Innovation Competition

Neil Powell

Centre of Sustainable Development, Uppsala University

Lars Ryden

Baltic University Program, Uppsala University

Ivo Zander

Department of Business Studies, Uppsala University

Giuliano Di Baldassarre

Department of Earth Sciences, Uppsala University

Zahrah Lifvendahl

Uppsala Kommun, Water Strategist

Kristina Ekholm

Uppsala Vatten and Avfall AB



Developers of Innovation Competition

Neil Powell

Centre of Sustainable Development, Uppsala University

Misol Kim

Centre of Sustainable Development, Uppsala University

Yoshiko Asano

Centre of Sustainable Development, Uppsala University

Staphan Larsson

Masters Student in Sustainable Development, Uppsala University

Lin Sang

Centre of Sustainable Development, Uppsala University