Speed Dating Workshop – ReSolve Innovation Competition

In May,  the ReSolve Innovation Competition comes to a new stage! Speed dating workshop will give a challenge mission to our student groups.The speed dating workshop is going to provide a onetime opportunity for students to have an open talk to our local stakeholders and exchange ideas to each other.

Students need to have a face-to-face dialogue with the different stakeholder groups. For each stakeholder group, students need to have a quick presentation of their idea in 3 min and a  4 min discussion with the member of stakeholder group.

Speed Dating Workshop - ReSolve Innovation Competition 2015
Speed Dating Workshop – ReSolve Innovation Competition 2015

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ONEDAY Lecture of Stormwater / Dagvatten

In this Thursday (26th March, 2015), we are going to have a ONEDAY lecture of Stromwater (Dagvatten). The main lectures are part of the important activities of the ReSolve Innovation Competition. Professors and experts from CSD Uppsala, Uppsala Kommun and Uppsala Vatten are going to give awesome presentations about Stromwater from International perspective and what is the Stromwater problem locally in Uppsala now.  In the afternoon, ReSolve Innovation Competition partner companies will come and present themselves. All participants can enjoy our small fika when we have break!

Everyone is welcome to join our ONEDAY lecture of Stormwater at anytime you want!

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